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Why do we change?

by Lisa Lyford
Why do we change?

The young girl, in her mind she’s a beautiful princess. In her tweens, she’s a model and utterly gorgeous, she’s going to conquer the world. By mid teens, her world starts to change, she sees imperfections… it's the slippery slope. This is a generalisation but I’m sure you get the picture.


Girls are becoming younger and younger when they start to focus or should I say obsess about their imperfections. Most carry this through into adulthood. Some grow from the experience and see it for what it is, some hold on to this baggage. And it doesn't matter how attractive they are, if there's even the slightlest imperfection they'll hone in on it.


Why do we change?


There are many reasons why we change but a lot can be attributed to external influencers such as celebrity beauty that makes it near impossible to measure up. Try as hard as they may, they cannot reach those dizzying heights - they don’t have the money, the professionals (makeup artists, hair stylists, personal trainers, etc) or the likes of Photoshop to perfect their look.


Just about every woman I meet, has some kind of hang up about themselves and/or their body. That becomes their focus. Nevermind that 80-90% of them is beautiful and amazing, they focus on the 10-20% that’s not.


Enough is enough gorgeous people


I want you to be kind to yourself, if you're not already. I want you to start loving and appreciating yourself and your beauty, because you are beautiful. And I’m not just referring to your outer beauty, think about your inner beauty as well.


Repeat after me, “Gorgeous Me”. Make this your daily mantra, or another if this doesn't feel right. Believe it. Say it. Read it - plaster wee post-it notes around the place, for your eyes only - your drawers, wardrobe, bathroom, your wallet, screensave on your mobile…


“Gorgeous Me”.

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