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Why Do People Have a Makeover?

by Lisa Lyford
Why Do People Have a Makeover?

This sounds like a DQ (dumb question) but is it? People have makeovers for very different reasons:


  • They’re curious. They want to know what their potential could be - how different would I really look and more to the point, feel. What could a new look do for me?

  • A major birthday and time for something new

  • The beginning of a new chapter - when life hasn’t turned out the way they hoped and they’re taking control, closing one chapter and starting another

  • For new ideas on styling - clothes and hair

  • Simply because they don’t know what style/s best suits them

  • And then of course there’s the mid-life thing happening :)




What does a makeover really do for someone?


I’ve been involved with heaps of makeovers now, be it through those you see on our website, or private sessions. The experiences and out-takes are different for everyone, but mostly, it’s the magic of seeing one woman walk in and a completely different version of her walk out, and I’m not referring to her appearance. Mostly my gorgeous girls have renewed confidence, determination and excitement about life. And yes, the transformation is immediate, within the day. The blokes are a little more low-key - "It's fine. I'm fine."


Many makeover women go as far as saying it’s a “life changing” experience and it sets them on a path of new discoveries and opportunities. They love the new version of them and they embrace all that’s around them with renewed vigor.


For some, this transformation only lasts a short while before they revert to ways of old. I believe it’s because in their mind they weren’t ready for change, or they concluded that they were actually happy with the way they were. I think that’s great because that’s what it’s all about, being happy and content with yourself. But even if they go back to the way they were appearance wise, a positive change has still taken place, they have a renewed confidence in themselves. I love that. Mission accomplished.


Then there are those that find a balance between what they learnt during a makeover and their ways of old, a space where they feel totally comfortable and more ‘me’. Remember, with a makeover, we’re often making radical changes in one day, that’s a lot to take in; most people adjust better to change in small, incremental doses.



Is a makeover for everyone?


You have to be ready in your mind, and you have to be prepared for change, to let go and trust the professionals.


During a recent private makeover, my client gasped when I said to the hairstylist, “you have an open brief”. I calmed my client down by saying, it is always best to hear what the stylist has in mind, they’re the experts, they know what will suit you colour and style wise, then if you’re not sure, talk to them, work with them so you get an outcome you’re happy with. As it turned out, the look the stylist proposed was exactly what my client wanted but would possibly have struggled to express it well enough to get the outcome she got.


I had another situation where a client was given a makeover by hubby for her big birthday. My client agreed with the approach the hairstylist had recommended, but as the style started to become a reality, my client started to freak and was not a happy camper. It all had a very happy ending, my client loved the cut & colour, it was just the initial shock of a radical change so quick and the concern about what family and friends would think. She received amazing compliments and hasn’t looked back. As I say, it’s about putting your faith and trust in the experts. WARNING: there are stylists and stylists!




Life Changing


Many of my clients described a makeover experience as “life changing”. It’s also incredibly special when my client’s cry with happiness, they just can’t believe how gorgeous they really are.


The thing is, women come to us not appreciating that they are already gorgeous, they just can’t see it. All we’re doing is enhancing what they already have.




Other Options


You needn’t have a full makeover (clothes styling, hair and makeup) to experience the delights and confidence of a new you. Most of my styling-shopping session girls get to experience it from just a 2-hour styling appointment.





Here's information on Gorgeous Me styling services or you can contact Lisa direct via email or 0274 5000 10.

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