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Who would you invite to dinner?

by Lisa Lyford
Who would you invite to dinner?

If asked this question, and you were able to invite three people to dinner, any three people in the world, who would you invite?


When first asked this question, some people immediately name three people they’d love to invite - they’re their idols or pursue similar dreams or interests.


I had to think about it, which surprised me, I thought it would be quite easy. I guess for me, it was narrowing it down to only three people, when in fact there are tonnes I would love to meet. My three picks are:


  • ABBA - I know there are four of them, but they’re one entity so they count as one, right? Have loved these guys for a long time. 

  • Richard Branson - he’s inspirational, entrepreneurial, and despite having dyslexia and leaving school at 16, has gone on to do amazing things.

  • Dalai Lama - tranquility, peace and spirituality - love it all.


If I was allowed to squeeze in a few more, because there’s always room at the table, I’d love to invite:


  • Oprah Winfrey - oh the stories she could tell. I love her self-made success and how it evolved into helping people

  • Coco Chanel - that would take some doing, resurrecting her from her final resting place!

  • Brad Pitt - he’s hot, what’s not to love about him :)

  • Madonna - the queen of personal reinvention.


What an eclectic bunch! An interesting dinner don’t you think!


Who would you invite? Even if you choose not to share it with us, it’s still an interesting exercise to do. And it makes for a fabulous conversation starter with friends and at the dinner table.


Right, off to write my invitations!!

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