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What Style Glasses Suit Me?

by Lisa Lyford
What Style Glasses Suit Me?

The eyes are the windows to your soul.

William Shakespeare


For most people wearing glasses is purely a functional thing. They’re also a fabulous accessory and can really enhance one's features.


It’s no easy job choosing the right pair of glasses for yourself, especially unhelpful when there are so many styles to choose from and that you may not be able to see clearly yourself what they look like on. A great way to start, is determining what style glasses will suit your face shape.


There are four key face shapes


Face Shapes - 520pxl Wide , Med


Characterised often by full cheeks, rounded chin, equally proportioned in width and length, no strong lines or angles.


Considered the most balanced of the face shapes, your face will be longer than it is wider, your forehead may be slightly wider than your chin, and you may have high cheekbones.


You are likely to have a strong, square jawline, a broad forehead and facial features defined by square/angled lines and equally proportioned in width and length.

Heart (or upside down triangle)

Your forehead is the widest part of your face (and may also be quite deep), tapering down via your cheekbone to a small, narrow chin.


Styles that suit each face shape 


Round Face

Look for glasses that are in contrast to the natural curves of your face - colour, patterns and of course shape. Glasses that are wider than they are deep will help to make your face look slimmer.



  • Square and rectangle frames
  • Cat-eye frames - great for showing off your cheeks and bringing focus to the eyes
  • Wayfarer
  • Wrap
  • Aviator
  • Semi-rimless



Avoid glasses that exaggerate the roundness of your face:


  • Rounded frames - these are likely to make your face look fuller than it is
  • Small frames - they can look out of proportion with your face shape and size
  • Rimless frames - you need a frame for structure and balance with your face


Gorgeous Me - Glasses For Round Face Shape


click for enlarged image 

From left, clockwise: 

Visique Gucci 3204 Q7O 54/15 Mauve Blush

OPSM Ray-Ban RX5184 New Wayfarer $249

OPSM DKNY DY4627 $174.30
OPSM Ray-Ban RB 3513 $340
OPSM Miu Miu MU 03LV $224.50


Pink Heart Flipped 


Square Face


The ideal frames will help to lengthen and soften your face’s natural angular shape - rounded, oversized and upswept frames will add curves and also drawn attention away from the square, strong jawline. Similar to people with round faces, look for frames that are wider than they are deep, that way they will help to make the face look slimmer/narrower. Choosing frames in neutral colours can also help to soften your look.



  • Round and oval
  • Cat-eye
  • Wrap
  • Aviator
  • Rimless



  • Boxy frames tend to mimic and exaggerate your angular features
  • Bottom heavy glasses, be it through design, colour or pattern as they may draw unnecessary attention to your chin
  • Similarily, top heavy glasses or ones with double bridges tend to accentuate the angled lines of your face. 


Gorgeous Me - Glasses For Square Face Shape


Click for enlarged image

From left, clockwise:

Specsavers Collette Dinnigan 20 $439

OPSM Prada PR 54PV $299.50

Visique Sceats Optical Satin Purple Mauve

OPSM Miu Miu MU 07LV $499

Specsavers Alex Perry RX 18 $299

Specsavers Osiris B40 $369

Specsavers Collette Dinnigan RX 09 $439

Specsavers Collette Dinnigan RX 04 $299




Pink Heart Flipped 


Heart-Shaped Face


Use your eyewear to create ‘balance’ for your face, minimising the width of the top of your head and trying to broaden the chin. Look for frames that are wider or heavier at the bottom appearance-wise - this will help with the balance.



  • Rectangle
  • Round and Oval
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer


Frames that are wider at the bottom will add volume to the chin while drawing attention away from the prominence of the forehead.



Top heavy frames - whether it’s the design, colour, thickness or embellishments as they tend to accentuate the width of the forehead. It’s about trying to create balance.

Gorgeous Me - Glasses For Heart Face Shape 


click for enlarged image

From left, clockwise:

Visique William Morris Sally C2 purple 

OPSM DKNY DY4635 $249

OPSM Oroton ORO1303155 $147.50

OPSM Oroton ORO1303163 $295

Specsavers Osiris B30 $369

Specsavers Osiris B54 $369

OPSM Vogue VO2706 $249.00

OPSM Dviations D22059 Dusseldorf $119



Pink Heart Flipped 




Oval Faces


Oval shaped faces are already naturally balanced so the key is to get frames that maintain that balance. You are lucky to have lots of frame styles to choose from.



  • Rectangle and square
  • Oval and round
  • Cat-eye
  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer
  • Wrap
  • Rimless


Frames that are as wide or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face will help maintain the natural balance of an oval-shaped face. Glasses with detailed embellishments also look great with the high cheek bones typically found on oval faces.



Glasses that are too big or too small may throw your natural symmetry out of balance.


Gorgeous Me - Glasses For Oval Face Shape


click for enlarged image 

From left, clockwise: 

Visique Inface 9266 Col. 864 Blue

Specsavers Alex Perry RX 18, silver $299

Specsavers Osiris B67 $299

OPSM Versace VE1203B $249.50

Specsavers Tommy Hilfiger TH 07 $369

OPSM Vogue VO2750H $249

OPSM D&G DD1247 Playful Chic $369

OPSM Miu Miu MU 07MV $499



Other considerations when choosing a frame



Fashions change and at the moment we’re seeing a move towards bigger, thick-rimmed frames. Regardless of whether you’re a fashion-follower or not, be sure to choose the right size frame to suit your face - you don’t want the frames swamping you. A slight exception to this are sunglasses, they serve a different purpose and you can get away with wearing them bigger than you otherwise would.



I encourage you to consider coloured or patterned frames, just make sure the colour suits and complements your features. The following is merely a guide:

  • Light coloured features - hair, eyes, eyebrows, lashes and skin - you’ll suit lighter and neutral colours.

  • Deep coloured features - dark eyes, eyebrows, hair - you’ll respond really well to darker, richer and bright, bold colours.

  • Cool tones - if your skin has a pinkish or bluish tinge to it, you have ash-blonde, silver, grey or black hair and blue, grey or hazel eyes -you’ll suit colours with a blue-cool undertone - blues, purples, pinks, greens.

  • Warm tones - red-toned hair in any shade from strawberry blonde to auburn and with green, brown or blue eyes. Your skin may be light with freckles or dark-toned with a golden (yellowy), olive undertone. Go for colours with warm undertones - think warm, autumn colours - yellows, mustards, greens, browns, reds, oranges.

  • Soft - dark blonde, mousey or light brown hair with soft/muted eyes of blue, brown, hazel or green - you’ll suit light or mid-tone, neutral soft colours.

  • Clear - contrasting colour between your hair, eyes and skin. Your eyes will be your key feature, they'll often dominate. Your skin may either be light or dark. Your eyelashes and eyebrows will generally be dark. Think bold, bright, clear, crisp colours - yellows, blues, greens, pinks…

Style Personality

Your style personality will have a big bearing on the frames you choose - creative/dramatic types are likely to go for a statement piece, fashion-followers will have their eye on the latest look…




Other Tips


  • Seek expert advice from a professional optometrist. They’re trained in helping to find the right style for you.

  • Take a friend along for a second opinion.

  • Narrow down your selection and take a few of the frames home on loan - that way you can get input from others, try the frames on with more of your clothes and you don’t have to rush making a decision.

  • If you’re buying online, many sites have styling guides to assist your selection, and good returns/refund policies (be sure to check them out before purchasing).




Glossary of Frame Styles


  • Aviator frames - think Top Gun. Eyewear worn by pilots - large, metal frame, tinted lenses.

  • Cat-eye - think 50’s 60’s - retro-styled round frame with upswept styling at the outer corners.

  • Rimless - no frame, just the lens.

  • Semi-rimless - a frame at the top but not at the bottom, they’re rimless at the bottom.

  • Wayfarer - late 50’s influenced - large lens, heavy looking frames. Very popular now.

  • Wrap - the frame curves around the head from front to side. More common in sportswear and sunglasses.

  • Oval & Round - rounded, curved frames. Oval are wider than they are deep, Round are more equally proportioned between width and height. 

  • Rectangle & Square - square or slightly rounded edges. Rectangle are wider than they are deep, Square are more equally proportioned.  

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