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What Happens When You Swap Black for Navy?

by Lisa Lyford
What Happens When You Swap Black for Navy?

Why would one even consider such a thing, black is so fabulous, slimming, it goes with everything, it’s stylish and timeless, not to mention readily available…


As a stylist and as a woman who’s a long-time friend and fan of black clothing and accessories, I agree with everything you’re saying. EXCEPT, black does not suit everyone, some people are far better off wearing navy, brown, dark olive/green or charcoal.


I had a client recently with fair skin, an undertone of freckles and a red tone to her natural hair colouring. Her go-to colour was always black. Wow, what a difference it made when we got her in a navy and a charcoal (dark grey) coloured top - her face and overall features came to life, she came to life. She could see it herself what a difference the right colours made.



Warm Colour Profile


If you have the following colour characteristics, then it’s likely you’ll suit our Warm Colour Profile.


  • Fair skin, perhaps with freckles or dark olivey or golden skin
  • You have a red tone to your natural hair colour - strawberry blonde, redhead, brunette, warm brown, mid brown
  • Your eyes might be blue, green, hazel or brown


Here is your colour profile. Black does not feature, top right is dark brown.


Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Warm


A wee reminder that our colour profile can change from season to season (I suit black in summer when I’m coloured up but not in winter), when we change our hair colour and also when we age.



Styling Tip


To enhance your look, wear colours around your face that actually suit your complexion and features. If, for example, black is not in your colour palette, you’re best to reserve it for items of clothing or accessories that are away from your face.


If black is already in your wardrobe, simply add an accessory like a necklace or scarf in a colour from your palette and watch it work its magic.


Break the Rules


Were you brought up to believe that black and navy or black and brown don’t mix, don’t go together? Well they do, they’re great friends and do look fabulous.



Navy, dark brown, charcoal and dark khaki are fabulous alternatives to black, they're slimming, go with almost everything, stylish and timeless. Give them a chance, you’ll love it when you do.

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