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Want, want, want, need, need, need

by Lisa Lyford
Want, want, want, need, need, need

I don’t know about you but my life, at one point, was all about working towards that next thing that I so desperately wanted or needed, and the rush to get there. I woke up one day and realised there is always going to be something I want, not so much need, and that once I get it, there’ll be something else. A lesson I share with my boys.


What instead if we were to stop thinking about what we didn’t have and start being grateful for all that we do?


I may have mentioned this before, but a while ago a girlfriend was about to turn 40 and she was disappointed that she wasn’t further ahead financially than she was, she felt she had let herself down and she was quite glum about it. I perked her up immensely by making her appreciate that she was one of the richest women I know - she had the most gorgeous husband and children, she was surrounded by an abundance of amazing friends and extended family, she had a career to be proud of, she had the financial freedom to do and see amazing things…


Another girlfriend recently told me she listened to a very inspiring speaker at a conference talking about ‘gratitude’, followed by her reading something similar from someone else. It encouraged her to keep a ‘gratitude diary’. Each night before going to sleep, she’d jot down one thing she was grateful for, whether it happened that day or it was something she already had. Within a couple of weeks, my friend found the exercise extremely positive and uplifting, and of course made her way more appreciative for what she had.


It is so easy to focus on what we don’t have, and of course we are surrounded by temptation all the time - bloody advertisers (I used to be one of them!). Focusing on what we have and being thankful for it, believe it or not, does make you feel great. I encourage you to give it a go. Start by taking 5 quiet minutes to reflect and then go into your "grateful space" on a regular basis or do as my friend did, and reflect daily. You'll be pleased you did.


Gratitude, IT'S good for the soul x

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