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Update your wardrobe without opening your wallet

by Lisa Lyford
Update your wardrobe without opening your wallet

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a clothes swap. I’ve never participated in one before.



What is a clothes swap?


A small group of like-minded women get together with the intention of swapping clothes and accessories - things they no longer want or need, with the view to picking up new delights, pre-loved but new to them.


Our group of women ranged in height, body shapes and sizes - but the hosts had carefully worked it out so all needs were catered for.


A clothes swap can be a free-for-all - where everyone dives in at the same time, or a more civilized approach taking turns, choosing one item each. We did the latter and unfortunately my name was drawn last - I’d been eyeing up a cute wee jacket but so had others. A nail biting wait but as luck would have it, the jacket was still there - meant to be. I wore my new jacket the other day and had loads of comments about it.


I walked away from the clothes swap with two jackets, a skirt and a ‘brand new, label still on’ Sabatini top. In fact, many of the clothes, shoes and handbags had hardly been used/worn - regretted purchases!


Not only did I come away with some new gems, I also had a fun time; lots of laughter with women trying on different outfits. Bring on the next one.



If you’re interested in hosting a Clothes Swap, our invite included the following guiding tips.




Guiding tips:

1. Thou shalt shop this swap like a regular store.

2. Thou shalt respect all styles - old, new or odd!

3. Thou shalt take no more swap items than what was brought.

4. Thou shalt encourage and applaud the style of swap partners.

5. Thou shalt happily donate (to a charity, via the organisers), any gear unswapped at the end of the day.

6. Thou shalt have fun!



What to bring for the clothes swap:

1. Clothes - new (current, stylish, funky), old (vintage, etc), the odd (not Aunty Mavis knitted cardie) or fun pieces!

2. Shoes, hats, bags, accessories.

3. Thou shalt not bring bras, socks, underwear, or sportswear unless it's Brad Pitt's!

4. Thou shalt not bring any damaged attire, and make sure all your goodies are clean.

5. Thou can drop your clothes off earlier if you like.



We had a fun time and I got to meet some fab new women. Go on, have a go.


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