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Truly inspirational

by Lisa Lyford
Truly inspirational

I’m immensely proud of my good and long-time friend Nick White.


Five years ago Nick was diagnosed with cancer in the head and neck and had pioneering surgery by Swee Tan, amongst other things, rebuilding half of his tongue with muscle from his arm! It’s now a standing joke of Nick’s to tell people his arm can talk!


Five years on, Nick is celebrating being cancer-free with a wee run up Mt Fuji in Japan and raising money for the research institute that treated him. Mt Fuji happens to be 3,776 metres high! Nick’s fundraising goal was to raise $1 for every metre. He’s well exceeded that, which is great because the money’s going to a very worthwhile cause - funding developments in cancer research and treatment. If you'd like to contribute to the fundraising you can do so here.


Check out his pre-race story here, captured by The Herald. Very inspiring. 


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Image courtesy of NZ Herald


As I say, I'm immensely proud of Nick - here’s a guy that had a 50% chance of survival, he’s conquered that, and now he’s conquering mountains all in an effort to raise awareness and much needed funding for vital research and treatment to conquer cancer.


Nick is living life to the absolute max and loving every minute of it. Such an inspiration.


Oh and he conquered Mt Fuji as can be seen from the photo above.


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