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Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter E

by Lisa Lyford
Today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter E

E is for Effort.


It astounds me how women want to look and feel gorgeous, but do nothing to help themselves. Sometimes you just have to make an effort.


I get that it’s very easy and comfortable sometimes doing nothing, slopping around in your trackies, wearing no makeup, etc. I so get that, but I also feel it’s starting to become the norm and we’re no longer making the effort we should. You just need to people-watch in a mall one time and you’ll see what I mean. Are we becoming a drab, no care society?


Take casual Fridays, for example. I’m sure some companies rue the day they introduced it. Casual Friday is for ‘smart’ casual, it’s not what you’d wear blobbing on the couch watching a movie or sport.


I got a lovely text one Sunday afternoon from one of our Gorgeous Me makeover models. She was about to pop down to the mall to grab a few things and took a quick look at herself in the mirror - trackies, no makeup, etc. She said to herself, “I’m better than this”, and proceeded to get changed into her new gear, put on a bit of makeup and away she went, walking tall and proud. That little extra effort took her no time at all but boy did it make her feel great.


Making an effort will not only have you looking great, but you’ll feel great too and this in turn can lift your spirits and your self-esteem.


E is for Effort.

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