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To go grey or not?

by Lisa Lyford
To go grey or not?

To let your hair go grey - it’s a tough one for many women. Most of us avoid making the decision and simply reach for the hair dye or have regular appointments at the hair salon. Hair colouring is a multi-million dollar business globally.


I found my first grey hair around the age of 30 and over the years they’re making quite a nuisance of themselves, I now have to get my hair coloured every five weeks; some women are on a three-week cycle!


So, at what point should you decide to let your hair grey naturally and gracefully?  It’s personal preference, and I know most of us try and hold on to what we’ve got for as long as possible.


Grey hair can be ageing, but it’s what you do with it that ensures you retain a youthful look - make it look intentional and stylish, rather than I had no choice or I gave up!




A funky hair style can do wonders for your look

Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles

Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 6

Please note, some of these styles have created a grey look, rather than natural grey.


Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 7


Celebrity styles 


A coloured rinse is very on-trend - think pink, purple, blue and green. Coloured shampoos are ideal for this. Ombre is another on-trend look - light at one end graduating through to a darker colour.

Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 2

Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 4

Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 5

Funk it up
- you can also have a lot of fun with Hairchalk from L’Oreal Professional. Hairchalk is a liquid which dries to a powdery finish and the colours conveniently wash out with shampoo - Pink, Violet, Blue, Green, Coral and Bronze. Retails for $25 (RRP).


Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 8

These are obviously not grey hair bases, but you get the idea :)

Highlights or lowlights - colours that blend with the grey hair and give it more of a well-maintained and styled look. It can take a long time for the hair to go fully grey, and during this time it can look unkempt if you’re not careful.

Do you actually suit grey hair? People with a rosy, pink or bluish complexion who suit blue-based colours will generally look fab with grey hair, as will people with dark and olivey skin tones.

You may need to change your makeup - introduce more colour so you don’t look washed out or aged. In fact, changing your hair to grey may mean you suit a whole new colour palette - you may have to review your existing wardrobe!

Avoid aged, yellowy grey hair - use specially formulated shampoo for grey/silver hair that neutralises yellowy tones and helps to smooth the hair fibre.


These can also be used on blonde hair during the summer months when the hair is exposed to the sun, it prevents the hair from turning a brassy blonde.


Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 10

Product not to scale 

Left to right:

Matrix - Total Results So Silver Shampoo RRP$19.00

L'Oréal Professionnel série expert silver shampoo RRP$29.50


Embrace and enjoy it - show it off with confidence. 


Gorgeous Me Grey Hair Styles 9

All images are courtesy of Pinterest, except the two L'Oreal Professional Hairchalk and product images.

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