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To Dream

by Lisa Lyford
To Dream

I’m going be a rubbish truck driver, a princess, a fireman, an astronaut… a fashion designer, a professional athlete, a pop star, an entrepreneur, a pilot, rich…


What is a dream? In an awake state, it’s a vision, a vision of what could be. Dreams are uninhibited - they can be as big or small as we want them to be, practical or impractical, and far removed from reality if we wish. In dreaming, fears, routines and life’s challenges aren’t given a thought.


Dreams can help steer and guide us, they can give us purpose, motivate and inspire us. Dreams aren't reserved just for the young.


Some people just dream and, for whatever reason, choose not to act upon it. Some stop dreaming altogether! Others pursue their dreams; they seek fulfilment. Sure, the journey may not be straight-forward, they may have to adjust along the way, but with determination and focus, they get there. They don’t let fear or other things hold them back. I admire these people.


It's never too late. If you’ve lost your way or you’re simply meandering, revisit your previous dreams and goals. Do they still excite you? Or do you need new ones?



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Did you know, Walt Disney was turned down by over 300 bankers when he sought funding for the first Disney theme park!  Talk about grit determination.





Creating and fulfilling dreams…


Here’s an exercise for you.


You’ll need:

  • A large blank sheet of paper & pen
  • A happy place to perch yourself, free from distractions.



  • Divide the paper in half -  head up each side ‘Dreams’ and ‘Barriers’. 
  • In free-flowing form, write down all the things you’d LOVE or wish you could to do - this could be about a job, a hobby/interest or who you’d like to be - don’t restrict yourself. Whenever a barrier or restriction enters your head - place it on the other side.
  • Once you’re done, leave it. Over the next while, think about what you’ve written. Keep adding to it. Look for common themes amongst your dreams and barriers - use a coloured pencil/highlighter to group them.
  • Are there ideas that really excite you, enough for you to act upon them? If not, keep working on it or start again.
  • Priortise your list of dreams. Take your favourite Dream. Write an action plan (list) - 5 things you can do to help you fulfill your dream. These 5 things alone may not get you to your end goal, but help you work towards it. Make the action points realistic and achievable. Tick off each action once complete. Keep adding action points until your goal is reached.
  • Are there any barriers that will prevent or restrict you from reaching your dream? Taking one at a time, what can you do to lessen their impact or eliminate them completely - a list of 5 things. Make them realistic.


And there you have it, the beginnings of a plan that will set you on a path for realising your dream/s. This is not a one hit wonder - you will need to continually visit and adjust your plan. Share your plan - a plan shared is a plan that has a better chance of being actioned.


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