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by Lisa Lyford

Makeup brushes are the key to getting a flawless, professional makeup look.


Brushes make it easier to apply makeup and help ensure smooth, even coverage and a well-blended look. Save the applicators you get with your product for travelling.



4 key brushes you’ll need


1. Foundation brush


A large-sized brush that is flat, firm and flexible will help blend the foundation over the face and give a flawless finish.


When applying your foundation, begin with using a stippling or dabbing motion to create a more consistent and natural-looking finish.


EA Foundation Brush 

Elizabeth Arden Foundation Brush - RRP $52




2. Powder brush - this can double as a blush brush


A large, soft brush specially designed to lightly dust loose or compact powders over the face. It can also double up as a blush brush, though be careful to remove the blush colour after you finish so it doesn’t mix with your face powder. The ideal would be to have two brushes.


Dip the brush in your powder, tap off any excess and then start by dabbing the powder on your face and then lightly brush all over.


Mineral Makeup Kabuki 

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Face Powder Brush - RRP $47


3. Eyeshadow brush


Makeup artists and the likes use a number of brushes for the eye, each specially designed for different eye makeup applications. We suggest you start with one. A short-haired brush you can use to cover the surface of your eyelid, as well as to blend in other colours used for different parts of the eye to soften the look. Be sure to wipe off any excess each time you swap to a new colour.


Start with applying a little colour and then build up as required. I find it easier to dab on darker colours before blending them, it gives me more control and I’m less likely to fluff up!

Mac -239-eye -shading -brush

Mac Eye Shading Brush 

Lip brush (optional)


Lip brushes are optional, but worth considering. They give more definition and better application of lipstick. I also use them to bury into the lipstick when it starts to run out and goes below the base of the lipstick holder. It’s amazing how much lipstick is below the base.


I personally like the retractable brushes, keeps it tidy until you’re ready to clean it. Great for your handbag.


Lip Brush 

Mac Lip Brush

Here are the makeup brushes that come as part of Revlon's Cosmetic Brush Set - $59.99





1. Lip Brush. 2. Dual Ended Eye Brush - Eye Shadow Blending Brush. 3. Eyeliner Brush. 4. Eye Shadow Contour Brush (shaped to define the crease and outer corner of the eye with contouring shadows). 5. Foundation Brush. 6. Angled Blush Brush. 7. Powder Brush.





If you buy quality brushes at the outset, and you look after them (as in clean them regularly), you will have them for a long time. Yes they can be expensive, but they’re worth it. I find the bristles on the cheaper ones are firmer and don’t provide the same even makeup cover, and over time the bristles often fall out or break.






Keep your brushes clean. Why? With regular use, your brushes will collect product and oils from your skin, which become a breeding ground for bacteria! Cleaning your brushes regularly, will not only keep the brushes in better condition for longer, it ensures your makeup continues to go on smoothly and consistently, and also safeguards your skin too.


how to clean your brushes


  • Wash all brushes using shampoo (or foaming facial cleaners). Shampoo works well, especially for quality brushes that are made from hair.


Makeup Brush Washing


  • Rinse the bristles in tepid water. Facing the brushes downwards, massage the shampoo through the brush from the base to the ends working up a gentle lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue is left in the hairs. Do not soak as the water may loosen the glue binding or damage the handles.
  • Gently squeeze the water from your brush and return the bristles to their natural shape before laying them flat to air-dry on a hand towel (place in warming cupboard overnight for faster drying).


  • Prevent damage to wooden handles and the glue holding the bristles in place by not standing brushes up while drying and keep them out of direct heat (so no hairdryers!)
  • Clean your brushes (especially foundation and powder brushes) once a week
  • EXTRA SPECIAL CARE TIP – once a month after cleansing the brushes apply a conditioner and rinse! This will help to keep the brushes soft and supple.








Thank you Revlon for your assistance with this blog.

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