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The Public Face of Personal Lives

by Lisa Lyford
The Public Face of Personal Lives

She has such a dream life? She’s got it made? Everything always falls into place for them…


Do you ever catch yourself thinking or even saying these things about other people’s lives - friends, colleagues, acquaintances? Thinking how lucky they are, how much better off they are than you… What are you using to measure their fortune - their Facebook posts, what they tell you, what others tell you about them?


You need to appreciate that most people only share the good stuff - their wins and successes, the parties or events they’ve been to, their holidays, children’s achievements, etc. Occasionally they might show their true colours and let you know that life isn’t so flash for them, but mostly it’s the good-news that you’ll hear.


The next time you think others around you have got it made and wouldn’t have a clue about hardships or day-to-day struggles, etc - perhaps they do, they just choose not to share it.


We all have a story, some choose to tell it a different way. 

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