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The New Me

by Lisa Lyford
The New Me

What will 2014 and beyond hold for you? Be the master of your own destiny - make 2014 the ‘Year of the New Me’ - renewed enthusiasm and confidence in yourself.




What are some things you’ve always wanted to do but for one reason or another never got around to it and now may even be in the 'too hard’ basket? Do you still really want to do them? Or maybe you have something else in mind. 


Dream as if you had tonnes of money and no obstacles in the way, just as you did as a child. Only after you've done that and have your idea/s, should you narrow your options and introduce reality.


Sometimes it can be really hard setting goals, determining what to do. Start with something small. For example, you may have always wanted to fly a kite, go ice-skating, learn to knit, etc.


The other challenge will be if you have a huge goal, one you can never imagine fulfilling. That’s when you need a plan and strong determination and drive to see it through. See our story below for inspiration.



Don’t forget


  • There will always be reasons or barriers that get in the way - don’t let them prevent you from getting what you want. I guess it depends on how bad you want something as to how much effort you’ll put in to make it happen.


  • You’re never too old, never.


  • Commit to your goals


    • Write them down
    • Tell people - there’s nothing like telling others, it compels you to take action and get results.


  • Don’t go overboard - if you’re anything like me, you have far too many goals at the beginning of the year and can’t complete half of them. Be realistic about what you set yourself.


  • Push yourself. Don’t make your goal too easy - the more challenging a goal is, the more rewarding and satisfying it is on completion. “OMG, I did it!”


  • Have a plan - more often than not, we can’t complete our goals just like that, we need to build up to it, work on it. What steps can you put in place to help you achieve it?


  • Celebrate big - if you’ve worked hard on achieving your goal, the least you can do is reward yourself for it. Mind you, often the achievement in itself is rewarding enough.


  • Keep on - don’t just stop, carry on with setting and fulfilling further dreams and goals.



Truly Inspiring


I read a book not long ago (Half the Sky, by Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof), where a young, uneducated, extremely poor Zimbabwean-American woman, Tererai Trent, wanted to go to America to get a Bachelor's Degree, a Master's and a PhD! She was determined. She wrote her goals down and buried them in a tin within her village.

As a female, she was not allowed to go to school, the family could only afford for her brothers to go. She would sit outside the classroom and listen in to the lessons being given. She taught herself to read and write from her brothers books. She was married off at a young age and her husband beat her for having an education!

Through sheer determination, she ended up with that degree. As if that wasn’t enough, she kept returning to her tin whenever she was in her village, to remind herself of her goals and how far she’d come, but also to write down new goals. She ended up with a Master's and PhD just as she'd set out to, all whilst being a mother to five children!


Dr Tererai Trent of Zimbabwe who against all odds, gained a Degree, Master's and PhD


Oprah Winfrey revealed that Tererai Trent was her all-time favourite guest (her crew travelled to Zimbabwe to unearth the tin), and donated $1.5 million so Tererai could build her own school in her old village.

Most people would consider a goal like that impossible to fulfill, everything was stacked against her. But it proves that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way. Involve others in your plans so they can help you.





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PS I recommend the book mentioned above (Half the Sky, by Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof) - it is hard going, it talks about the atrocities women face around the world but it also talks about the fantastic work being done to overcome it.



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