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Styling for a Big Bust

by Lisa Lyford
Styling for a Big Bust
Q. I have a big bust and find it hard to get clothes to look good on me. Apart from surgery, do you have any suggestions?


Absolutely. There are a number of things you can do:


  • Start with a well-fitting bra
  • V-necks, wide or low necklines are great
  • Wrap dresses/tops with a v-neck are good for big busted women
  • Go for plain styling - cut and fabrics
  • Chunky, long pendant necklaces that hang between your breasts help to break up the overall visual appearance of a large bust. Scarves can also achieve this.
  • Dark colours on your top half will help you look slimmer - but you need to make sure you can carry the colour off. You can always add a lighter, complementary colour from within your palette to wear alongside it.
  • Certain patterns can break up the appearance of a larger chest
  • Diagonal or vertical stripes, especially in a wrap top or dress.



Things to avoid:


  • High necks - high crew, polo or turtle-necks
  • Be careful with tight fitting tops and jackets.
  • Avoid wearing a jacket buttoned up. Double-breasted jackets are not great.
  • Watch tops that just hang from the bust, they can make the rest of your top half look bigger than it is.
  • Watch buttoned shirts/blouses - sometimes they don't sit flat and they make the top look too tight
  • Avoid horizontal stripes, ruffles and any detailing at the bust area
  • Cropped tops
  • Bolero jackets
  • Short sleeves that finish at the bust-line - you end up with a visual line across both arms and your bust that can make you look wide.




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