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Style it with Trainers

by Lisa Lyford
Style it with Trainers

Okay, it’s time to admit to one of my biggest styling bug bears - sneakers with jeans - otherwise known as Sneans or some call the look Junners (Jeans and Runners)! I can think of a whole bunch of other words! And then of course there's sneakers with work attire, meaning someone has doned the sneaker for the walk to work. Pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee!






there’s an exception and it’s based on current trends - wearing trainers with dressier looks is hip. Remember one of the key trends for Spring '14 is Sporty Luxe. It's all in the styling. Granted, it’s for the younger amongst us. And yes, you can wear trainers with jeans, but the boyfriend jean - the slightly baggier jean with a rolled up hem.

Go for the slimline trainer - New Balance and Nike are making all the noise on the streets of the Northern Hemisphere.



Here's some inspiration


All images are courtesy of Pinterest.


The dressy look

Gorgeous Me Trainers In Fashion #5

Image on the left courtesy of Vogue, via Pinterest.

Gorgeous Me Trainers In Fashion #7

Image on the left, courtesy of Hip Hunters, via Pinterest.


The weekender


Gorgeous Me Trainers In Fashion


Gorgeous Me Trainers In Fashion #3



The Summer Look


Gorgeous Me Trainers In Fashion #8



Remember, we're not talking this...







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