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Style Challenge

by Lisa Lyford
Style Challenge

My gorgeous friends at Taking Shape (TS14+) gave me this wonderful necklace - I adore it, the colour, the style.


I guarantee that most people would wear this necklace as it was intended (as pictured), and that would be it. However, what if that necklace could be worn in a number of different ways, imagine how versatile and how much fun it could be. 



TS14+ Elasticised Necklace - black, red and teal - NZD $32.95, AUD $24.95. TS14+ has amazing accessories - be sure to check them out.

5 Styles, 1 Necklace

Left, clockwise: 1. the intended way, 2. the back knot slightly twisted to the side (and even further around for number 4.), 3. my personal preference.


Gorgeous Me Necklace Style 


Front and back view of this style

Gorgeous Me Necklace Style 2


The same goes for clothes styling - think about what else you could do with your top or skirt, for example. Would it respond to being worn a different way, say back-to-front, buttoned differently, tied in a knot or worn with other clothing items. I see the same thing time and again, where women keep a top, jacket or dress and will only wear it with one other thing - it's sooooo limiting.

I encourage you to revisit your wardrobe and see if there's anything in there - clothing and accessories - that can be worn in a different way to get the most out of them or to refresh their look. And try things on before you turn your nose up. Invite a friend along to make it fun and for a second opinion. Many styles nowadays lend themselves to being worn a number of ways.


I was with a woman last week when she was trying on a shirt. I suggested a number of different ways she could wear it - unbuttoned as a jacket, collar flat, collar scrunched, buttoned differently and different clothing she could wear it with... the piece was so versatile. She'd only thought of it as a buttoned up shirt.


I challenge you to take a different look at the way you wear your clothes and accessories. Go on, have a play.

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