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Style Advice for Big & Small Busts

by Lisa Lyford
Style Advice for Big & Small Busts

Regardless of your bust size, try some of these style ideas and see what a big difference they can make. 

Women I have been styling are absolutely amazed at what a difference say a long pendant necklace can make, not only to take some of the attention away from the bust and breaking the area up, but also in completing the look of the outfit. They're converted :)




1. Wear a Necklace


Gorgeous Me Pendant

Gorgeous Me makeovers. You can see here that the necklace really enhances the outfit.

Gorgeous Me Necklaces 2


2. Wear a Scarf

Gorgeous Me Scarves


3. Wear open layers - like a jacket, cardigan or vest

Gorgeous Me Layers


Gorgeous Me makeovers

4. Wear a combination of - layers, scarf and/or necklace/s


Gorgeous Me Necklace And Scarf


Unless otherwise stated, images are courtesy of Pinterest 


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