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Spring 15 Trend Report

by Lisa Lyford
Spring 15 Trend Report

We’ve been observing the key trends in the northern hemisphere for the past six months, and prior when they were modelled on the international stage, but now it’s our turn Downunder. Here’s the style wrap for Spring ’15 as it’s being rolled into stores now.




1. 70’s influence


Oh yeah baby! Think flares, mustards & browns, head scarves and tassles. Suede is big business and corduroy too.


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #4 
From left:

Glassons edt. Split Sleeve Rollneck. Sold out online - click to check instore & edt. Denim Skirt. Sold out online - click to check instore

Dotti Odie Cutaway Roll Neck Crop AUD $29.95, Dotti Tassle Vest AUD $49.95 and Dotti Patch Pocket Flare Jean AUD $59.95


Gorgeous Me Spring 15 Trends


Pagani CDC Crochet Panel Top $34.99 & Pagani Indigo Flare Jeans $59.99, Pagani Fringe Shoulder Bag $39.99, Pagani Patterned Tassle Scarf $24.99


2. Utterly feminine


Sensual. Soft, drapey, sheer fabrics, lace, soft colours, ruffles, off-the shoulder (one shoulder)…


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #8


Left, clockwise:

EziBuy The Emerge Blazer $89.99 & EziBuy Emerge Stretch Skinny Capri $59.99

EziBuy Grace Hill Knit Trim Top $59.99 & EziBuy Grace Hill Print Pant $59.99. Dog not for sale unfortunately ;)

EziBuy Emerge Lace Top $69.99



3. Full Volume


Skirts, trousers and culottes are full in length and volume this spring. This trend trickled in for winter but it’s more obvious now.


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #13

Left, clockwise:

EziBuy Grace Hill Burnout Blouse $79.99 with EziBuy Grace Hill Chiffon Wide Leg Pant $69.99

EziBuy Emerge Culotte  $59.99

Dotti Button Up Denim Culotte AUD $59.95



4. Denim


Denim on denim. Chambray (light coloured denim) with dark denim. Denim dresses, overalls, jackets, flares…


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #12

Left, clockwise:

Max Chambray Shirt $99.99

Country Road Denim Pocket Shirt NZD $149 & Wide Leg Jean NZD $169

EziBuy Capture Denim Jogger $59.99



5. Shirtdress


We’ve only seen casual versions of the shirt dress, slip on a heel and dress it up if you wish.


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #6

Left, clockwise:

EziBuy Emerge Denim Shirtdress $79.99

Country Road Print Shirt Dress NZD $199

Max Chambray Shirt Dress $119.95



6. Utility Chic


Think uniform and you’re bang on. And for obvious reasons, we’re seeing a lot of khaki in this space. See below under khaki. 




7. Power blooms


Big, bold blooms that shout spring.


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #11


From left, clockwise:

Pagani Crepe Suiting Spring Blazer $69.99 & Pagani Crepe CDC Shell Top $39.99 - arriving in stores in September

Taking Shape Celebration Tunic AUD $119.95 with Taking Shape Into the Groove Pant AUD $129.95

Portmans Ipanema Tropical Dress AUD $129.95




8. Stripes


From the fine to the bold. A classic you can’t go wrong with.

Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #5 

From left, clockwise:

Country Road Stripe Top NZD $180, Stripe Rib Skirt NZD $139

Portmans Ponte Biker Jacket AUD $99.95

Dotti Longline Stripe Shirt AUD $59.95



9. Trench Coats & Longline Vests

Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #14

Country Road Tailored Vest $279 and Country Road Cigarette Crop Pant $159

Cover image courtesy of Max Fashions - featuring Spring Trench Jacket $159.99





Colour hits - khaki, navy, white and yellow. Pastels are still popular.



Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #2


Left to right:

Portmans Milano Knit High Neck Dress AUD $119.95

Glassons Utility Overalls $79.99



Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #3


Left to right:

Glassons V Front Wrap Dress $59.99

Portmans Hand Drawn Floral Flowy Dress AUD $119.95



WHITE-OUT - White and off-white is key.

Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #1

From left

EziBuy Heine Tailored Dress $139.99

Country Road Crossover Top $149 & Wide Rib Skirt $169








Gorgeous Me - Gladiators Spring 15

Image courtesy of (via Pinterest)



Gladiators, as pictured above, were big for spring/summer in the northern hemisphere. We haven't seen any here yet, just mini versions. Strappy flats and heels were also big, a toned down version of the Gladiator.


Gorgeous Me - Shoe Trends '15 #3Gorgeous Me - Shoe Trends '15 #4

Gorgeous Me - Shoe Trends '15 #6Gorgeous Me - Shoe Trends '15 #5



From top, left to right:  Mi Piaci Beah $260, Mi Piaci Bianca $240. Others are still making their way into stores:  Mi Piaci Yale and Mi Piaci Gisele. 



Flats are a key style statement this Spring/Summer - thank goodness, finally a practical shoe.


Gorgeous Me - Shoe Trends '15 #1

Gorgeous Me - Shoe Trends '15 #2



Not in store yet: Mi Piaci Aladdin (black and silver), Mi Piaci Ayana Mi Piaci and Rodeo.



Trainers (sneakers) are still hanging around, worn with casual and smart casual looks - pants, skirts, dresses.







Clutch Bag.


Statement clutch bags are big. Totally impractical but deliciously gorgeous.


Gorgeous Me - Spring 15 Trends #10


Images via Pinterest - left, clockwise: designers Celine, Loewe and Chloe.





Here's to looking extra fabulous this spring.


Lisa x

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