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Smash that mirror

by Lisa Lyford
Smash that mirror

A mirror’s a mirror, right?  Unfortunately not in all cases.  Some of us look at ourselves in a mirror and see something completely different to what others see in the same mirror.  Such has been my experience doing makeovers.


So why the difference?


It’s what our mind tells us we’re seeing, not what we’re actually seeing. 


I’m no psychologist, but I do know through years of my own experiences, that what we feed our mind with is what we start to believe. 


With regards to ourselves, we invariably concentrate on the negative things - look at my bum, my stomach, my wobbly arms, my skin, my varicose veins etc. The irony is that they’re often things that no one else even notices, or certainly don’t pay much attention to. And if they do, who cares!



Be kind to yourself.


Celebrate what you have.  Concentrate on the great stuff.  Assess yourself as someone else would. Would they really be critiquing you as hard and detailed as what you are - of course not!


Start talking positively to yourself.  Think of a positive saying that you can tell yourself over and over everyday.  And if you can’t think of your own ‘make-me-feel-fab’ saying, then use “Gorgeous Me”.  Start now, go on, “Gorgeous Me”.


Smash that mirror that you use to so harshly criticise yourself and start being kind.  You deserve it.






Other Problems Affecting You?


Positive self-talk also works wonders if you’re not in a flash spot.  Perhaps you’re going through relationship problems, or work restructuring.  Tell yourself you’re great and that this is only a blip in time and that you’ll get through it. 


It does work, trust me.  But don’t just say it, you need to believe it.



Remember, “Gorgeous Me”.




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