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Slim down in 5 minutes, or less

by Lisa Lyford
Slim down in 5 minutes, or less

There's a mobile phone app for just about anything nowadays, including ones to slim you down!!



Gorgeous Me - Slim Down In 5 Minutes , Or Less #2


I guess it could come in handy for adjusting a photo of yourself when you're looking a little heavier than you'd like, e.g after a holiday or the snuggliness of winter! Shame it's not a permanent fix - imagine!


And if that isn't enough, for our slightly shorter darlings, there's an app to give you height!!


Gorgeous -Me ---become -taller -in -5-minutes ,-or -less


These are just two I came across, there are tonnes that do the same/similar things!


I need one to make me scrummy meals - now we're talking! 

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