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Sharing My Secret for Small Boobs

by Lisa Lyford
Sharing My Secret for Small Boobs

It’s no secret that I’ve got small boobs; in fact it’s been a long-standing joke amongst most of my friends for years. Post-pregnancy left me even more in deficient!


Anyway, I recently ran a Style Evening and had a couple of young women come up to me at the end complaining about their small bust… what it meant… They didn’t believe me when I told them I understood. I then proceeded to show them my new amazing bra - 200% boost. They were off to Bendon the next morning!



Gorgeous Me Bendon Pleasure -State _211_My -Fit -OMB-Super -Boost -Bra _Black _C 


Bendon Pleasure State ‘My Fit OMB Super Boost Bra’ $69.95 (now currently 30% off) - black and nude



If you’re flat chested like me, I really recommend these gorgeous bras. I even get a cleveage wearing them. They’re jolly comfortable and look fabulous on.

Sure, there are loads of other boost bras in the market, I just happen to have tried this one and I’m in love.

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