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Revolution in Skincare Toner - it's AMAZING

by Lisa Lyford
Revolution in Skincare Toner - it's AMAZING

Do you use toner as part of your skincare regime - cleanse, tone and moisturise?


What is the purpose of toner in skin care?


After cleansing, often the pH balance of your skin can be disrupted by the cleansers themselves; a good toner will help to restore this. Toning also helps to further cleanse the skin, remove excess oil, refreshes the skin and tightens the pores which help to reduce penetration of impurities and assist with locking in moisture.


I don’t know about you, but the toners I’ve always used have been quite astringent and drying. This hasn’t ever bothered me because I considered it was really giving my skin a good clean, was really helpful when my skin was particularly oily and my skin did feel refreshed.


There’s no way I’m going back


I recently had the benefit of trying Living Nature’s Extra Hydrating Toning Gel. Wow! Living Nature has totally revolutionalised toner. This product has to be tried to be believed. If I had enough money, I would love to buy you all one so you can experience it for yourself.


Within a few days my skin was looking more radiant and plumper (in a good way) - my skin was finally hydrated! I particularly love the cooling and soothing feel of this product on your skin. What I also love is that you don’t need to apply much for it to work - think pea size portion, dabbing a bit around your face before blending it in all over. Apply gently using your fingers. Use your ring finger on the delicate skin around your eyes. The less fingers you use, the more product you have for your face; it's not about nourishing your fingers.



What makes it so special?


Water is the stuff of life. Every living thing needs it to survive, and so does your skin. The key ingredient of Living Nature’s Hydrating Toning Gels are New Zealand’s Harakeke Flax Gel - nature's super skin hydrator. The mild astringency of Harakeke helps control oil overproduction, which coupled with a natural antimicrobial action, makes it an effective defence against breakouts. It’s natural cooling action helps to reduce puffiness and redness.


Independent tests show Harakeke to be more hydrating, moisturising and healing than Aloe Vera!


The Harakeke Flax is grown on Living Nature’s property in Kerikeri. The gel is removed from the base of the grandfather, or old outer leaves, ensuring sustainability of the mother plant.



Gorgeous Me Loves Living Nature



Like all Living Nature products, Hydrating Toning Gel is certified 100% natural (many companies will convince you their products are natural but they're not!), safe (so safe you can even eat it!), produced locally using sustainable practices and it’s not tested on animals. What's not to love about that.     CCF Logo Black     Recycle Triangle



Top Tips


Use morning and night, by applying all over your face after cleansing and leave for 30 seconds before applying moisturiser. The secret to the success of this natural hydrating booster is to not remove it! It provides the perfect level of hydration and prepares your skin to ‘lock in’ the nourishment provided by your moisturiser.





I would hope you know by now that I only bring products to you that I know to work and be wonderful. Living Nature’s products, from my own personal experience, come in top of the 'MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED' category.



Special Offer for Gorgeous Me Members


Because I’m so keen for you to try this product, Gorgeous Me and Living Nature are bringing you a 15% discount. Simply visit Living Nature’s site (see links below) and use the promo code GORGEOUSME07. This offer is for online sales only, not retail stores, and is available until 31 July 2015.


You can use this promo code to purchase any of Living Nature’s products.  And whilst the special discount has been set up just for Gorgeous Me members, we’re happy if you wish to share it with your family, friends and colleagues - we’d love them to benefit from these gorgeous products too. 


Gorgeous Me Loves Living Nature 's Hydrating Toning Gel


For oily or problem skin

Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel $43


For normal to dry or mature skin

Living Nature Extra Hydrating Toning Gel $43




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