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Recipe: Corned Beef, the easy, yummy way

by Lisa Lyford
Recipe: Corned Beef, the easy, yummy way

Nothing beats a yummy wintery meal from years gone by. I've recently been telling people about my mother-n-laws recipe for Corned Beef with Mustard Sauce. They all have fond memories of corned beef and a keeness for me to make it for them; I owe a few dinners! And if you haven't tried it, now might be the time. My family love it. This photo doesn't do it justice!


My mother-n-law cooks it in an oven bag and it comes out succulent and oh so good. Sorry, I don't know who the original creator of this recipe/cooking method is.


Corned Beef Cooked in Ovenbag


Preheat oven to 180oC

Place Corned Beef in oven bag (wash first under cold water to get rid of the jelly)

Together with:

1t of dry mustard

2 bay leaves (dried, leave whole)

2T malt vinegar (approx)


Seal the bag but leave an air hole at the opening. Place in an ovenproof pan (no lid) in the oven and turn once during the cooking period, turning the whole bag over. Be sure to always keep the breathing hole at the top so the liquid doesn't leak out. Cooking time varies depending on the size of the meat but I usually cook it for 1.5 hours. Slice to serve. Keep the juice for the sauce, see below.


Mustard Sauce

This recipe is from the Edmond's Cookery Book, under Sauces.


1 egg

2T sugar

1T plain flour

2t dry mustard

1 cup water or liquid the corned beef was cooked in (the latter gives the sauce added flavour)

salt & pepper


Beat egg and sugar together. Put into a saucepan. Add flour and mustard. Stir in water (and/or corned beef juices) and vinegar gradually to avoid lumps. Cook over a low heat until mixture thickens. Season with salt & pepper to taste (corned beef can be quite salty so be careful). Makes 1.5 cups.


I actually make mine in the microwave - just be careful to mix the dry ingredients in well with the wet ingredients, stirring often to avoid lumps.




Serve with mashed potato and other vegetables of your choosing. 


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