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New Year, New Possibilities

by Lisa Lyford
New Year, New Possibilities

A new year, new possibilities - how exciting is that.  Two thousand and fifteen is already downloading at a rapid rate so let’s not waste another moment.


Have you set yourself any goals for this year? Those that write down their goals as well as share them with others, accomplish significantly more than those that don’t - a proven fact. Hard to back out once you've told everyone!


It’s also about grabbing opportunities when they come your way. Don’t spend time thinking about it, ‘just do it’, no excuses. My 10 year-old niece decided her mantra was going to be “Use the Opportunity” [a condensed version]. Her Mother (my sister) suggested committing to it in a big and bold way - a bit bigger and bolder than Dad had imagined - this is her bedroom!!




Make 2015 your year, the new you.  And remember, it’s not just about the end goal, it’s about the journey along the way - be sure to enjoy that too.


Gorgeous -Me ---New -Year ,-New -Me


And that means us too. We’re going to shake it up and try new things… watch this space.


Until next time…



Lisa & the Gorgeous Me team x

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