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My Style Philosophy

by Lisa Lyford
My Style Philosophy

I’ve been asked what my Style Philosophy is. It’s quite simple really:


I believe that anyone can look gorgeous, no matter what budget they have. To me, it’s not about having the best brands but instead about the look or style you create.


Take my friend for example. Here she is with her daughter, looking stunning as always, in a dress she found in a bargain bin for $20 - it's brand new and pure silk!! She looks a million bucks.



Left: Pure silk dress for $20 from a bargain bin

It's about the look


For me personally, I have a mix of clothing from expensive ‘just can’t do without’ pieces (which are limited I must say) to much cheaper clothing that I have bought from mass-market brands or from pre-loved stores. I’m a hunter and gatherer. I go for the ‘look’ rather than the label. This is something you may have noticed in our makeovers.


Last year, I bought a fabulous pair of leggings from The Warehouse. I have thrashed them and love them, I get so many compliments. They cost me $19.95! The same with a couple of necklaces I bought at eQUIP - people rave about them and they cost $16 each! I’ve only ever had a couple of duds when it comes to cheaper clothing. One was a top that didn’t even hold up for a day, it pilled like crazy but that was cool because I was able to return it and get a refund.



Top Up Approach 

Each season I add a few new pieces to my wardrobe, ensuring that each works with what I already have. I also go for styles that will last a number of seasons. If I want a ‘fashion of the moment’ piece, I tend to buy a cheaper item, only because I can’t see it lasting style wise. I tend to buy a lot of dresses, both in winter and summer. I love dresses. I feel very feminine in them and they’re so easy to wear and they’re a complete outfit, no co-ordination required!



I am confident with my style - minimal & feminine with a pinch of creative. Because I'm predominantly a minimalist, I tend to keep my colours, textures, patterning, embellishments, accessories and general styling to a minimum.



I am lucky I have the ability to take individual pieces from different brands and create outfits from them. I hope over time, that Gorgeous Me will help you with this.


“What’s your wardrobe like?”


Another popular question!  Okay, I do have some lovely clothes and yes I probably do have a lot more than your average woman but as I said earlier, I hold on to my clothes and build my wardrobe up each year. I’m also a hoarder and a sentimental fool and struggle to part with my clothes - I love them! Silly aye. But my wardrobe is nothing like you might imagine it to be, I too have a limited budget. I tried to take a photo but it really wasn't anything to write home about! Sorry to disappoint you.






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