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Me Time

by Lisa Lyford
Me Time

Do you ever get ‘me time’? I’m talking time just for you, no interruptions, just self-indulgent time when you can do anything you want.


Unfortunately not many of us do. We’re often always too busy doing this and that.


I’m encouraging you to do something about it. 'Me time' is very important for your growth, wellbeing and overall perspective.


Time just for you - a café for a coffee and read a magazine, a walk, a hobby, read or relax and just enjoy the quiet and the solitude - that in itself is indulgent and very special. And time to think - now that’s rare.


NEVER feel guilty about having ‘me time’. You deserve it.


“But I don’t have time!” I hear you say. My response: “make the time”. If you consider yourself worth it, then you will find the time. I’m not talking hours, it could be just one hour once a week, that’s one out of 168 hours per week. Ridiculous when you look at it that way.


Some of you might be solo parents or your partner works long hours, which does make it even harder. But talk to your children, tell them you need some 'me time'. Set them up with some activities and then park yourself in another room (I appreciate most children are not this compliant, it will take time and training!). Or work out an arrangement with a friend/family member whereby you look after each other’s children while you each have your time.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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