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Maintain youthful skin for longer

by Lisa Lyford
Maintain youthful skin for longer

If I could give just one piece of beauty advice to help you achieve great skin, it would be moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.


I recently gave my younger cousin, who had just turned 25, advice on the 3 key areas that you should ALWAYS moisturise:


1. Face.

2. Neck and chest.

3. Tops of your hands.


These are the first areas to show signs of aging and simply moisturising the area twice daily (morning and night) is the best thing you can do to prevent this.


Neck And Chest



There are two more things you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that will help drastically with your skin's moisture.



Wear sun block daily


During the day, be sure to wear sun block on the areas mentioned above. Just think about how much your hands are exposed to sun every day, especially when you're driving. There are loads of moisturisers that now contain SPF (sun protection factor).  Check out the labels and look for at least SPF30.


Drink lots of water


Another key moisturising tip is to drink lots of water.  This was another downfall of mine, I didn't drink enough each day.  Now, I'm diligent about it and I'm reaping the rewards - my skin has started to have a healthier glow, is less dry and I'm generally feeling less tired. Aim for 8 glasses a day and if you're struggling with just plain water, try throwing in lemon or lime, this is also good for your digestion so a win-win.


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So, what was my cousin's reply to my advice?  


"But look at my skin, it's so smooth and soft - I don't need to."


Well, to all our younger friends out there - consider it an investment and one for which you'll reap the rewards in years to come.  Trust me on this one.  The backs of my hands, my neck and chest are all starting to wrinkle - and yes I like the sun (okay, I really really like the sun), but these are areas I neglected to moisturise regularly.


And is it too late if you're already starting to wrinkle?  Certainly not.  Slow the wrinkling process down.  Start moisturising now.



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