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Look sexy and trim

by Lisa Lyford
Look sexy and trim

I knew that title would get your attention! Who doesn’t want to look sexy and trim.


I’m going to talk about shapewear, or as some of us fondly call them, 'nana knickers'. Stay with me on this one.


Okay, some of us may not be as trim or toned as we used to but we still want to wear garments that are flattering and perhaps figure-hugging. That’s where shapewear comes into play.


Shapewear has come a long way in design, fabrics, manufacturing techniques and features to give you even greater support, toning right where you need it for an overall sexy look.


Bridget -Jones -knickers

Shapewear has come a long way from the 'nana knicker' days, remember 'that' scene from Bridget Jones's Diary!


fantastic features


  • If your outer garment is really clingy, look for seamless shapewear (created on a circular knitting machine so you don't get any side seams) and laser cut edging i.e. a plain, flat hemline.

  • No more VPL (visible pant line) with laser cut edging

  • Anti-slip silicone strips - these stop the garment from slipping or rolling.

  • Thin but incredibly strong fabrics - most are made from nylon/elastane. Nancy Ganz also has a cotton (with elastane) range which allows for breathability - great for warmer months.




Here are four key styles from the Nancy Ganz range.


Nancy Ganz & Gorgeous Me 1


Nancy Ganz Half Slip


Nancy Ganz & Gorgeous Me 2


Nancy Ganz Underbust Jumpsuit

Nancy Ganz & Gorgeous Me 3


Nancy Ganz Hi Waist Belly Buster


Nancy Ganz & Gorgeous Me 4


Nancy Ganz Contour High Waisted Bike Short


answers to commonly asked questions


  • Which style is best for me? Seek professional assistance - they know the range and which style is best for different shapes and requirements. This is also helpful. 

  • Try it with your garment. If you have a specific clothing item in mind that you need shapewear for, take the garment into a store with you and try them on together to ensure you get the desired result.

  • What size do I choose? A lot of women think that they should go down a size when buying shapewear because they want to look slimmer. Just remember, that the excess has to go somewhere and it will surface where the shapewear ends! Stick with your regular size but just note that shapewear is designed to be snug, just make sure you can breathe!

  • What colour do I choose? Nude is a great colour because it goes under all colours, it mimics your skin tone and is great for white and light colours. However, if you predominantly wear dark colours then go for black.

  • Should I wear pantyhose/tights underneath or over top? Wear them underneath, that way they won’t slip down.



Looking after your shapewear


  • Step into your shapewear - just like you would with tights, roll or fold the garment down, step into it and then once over your hips, unroll it. Don't try and pull your garment up in one go!

  • Garment care - to prolong your garment's life, wash it in a lingerie bag on a delicate cycle. Some advocate handwashing but that sounds too much like hard work to me!





  • Interestingly, Nancy Ganz say their biggest sellers are in sizes 10 & 12.

  • A number of the shapewear manufacturers now also have swimwear ranges, Nancy Ganz included, which is fabulous because it means your swimwear is holding you in in all the right places and showing you off fabulously. And most of the swimwear manufacturers have introduced many of the shapewear design and manufacturing techniques into their ranges too.



All images courtesy of Nancy Ganz

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