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Less Makeup is Better

by Lisa Lyford
Less Makeup is Better

To all our more mature darlings, (don’t worry, I count myself in this group, not that I for one moment consider myself old!), less is more when it comes to makeup.


I’ve been experimenting a lot with makeup over the past few weeks, trying out different brands, formulas, colours and makeup styles - not for vanity purposes but research so I can pass on sound advice to you all.


During my experimentations it became apparent that when I wore heavier makeup, in terms of how much makeup I actually applied but also in the colours I chose, I looked a lot older. The heavier makeup definitely showed up my wee laugh lines a lot more than a medium or lighter application. Observing a lot of women in the work I do, I notice many tend to be more heavy handed with the makeup as they age in an effort to cover up and hide the likes of wrinkles and age spots.


As you age and your complexion softens, some of the darker or brighter eyeshadows or lipsticks you used to enjoy, may not suit you as well, the contrast is too great against your skin. The colours we suit do vary over time for many reasons, age being one. I certainly noticed this with me, I suited a far more subdued colour palette than I used to.

Less is Best.


Re-think shimmery eyeshadows


I’ve mentioned this before, but shimmery eyeshadow has a knack of highlighting the crepe-like lines on your eye lids. Matt eyeshadow is a lot more flattering and also compliments a softer complexion.


Gorgeous Me - Crepey Eyes Suit Matt Eyeshadow


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Fading Eyesight


It's a fact that as we age, our eyesight isn't as sharp as it used to be. If this is the case for you, you might want to invest in a magnifying mirror so you can pay close attention to your makeup, ensuring your foundation, for example, is well blended and your eye makeup is looking good. It's also important to have good natural light - I know this isn't always possible. It always gets me how bad the lighting is in some hotel bathrooms! 






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