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Key Styling Ingredient

by Lisa Lyford
Key Styling Ingredient

Know your colours.


Wear the right colours and you will look radiant. Wear the wrong colours and you could look tired, sick and even older!


Wow, what a difference a change in hair and clothes colours made to Penny, our latest makeover model. All her friends are commenting how she really suits being a brunette; “who would’ve guessed”, they said. And now they can see her dazzling green eyes.


Gorgeous Me Makeover - Penny Aug '14 Before & After 

Penny before and after her Gorgeous Me makeover


I recently had a client that was wearing colours based on her mother's colour palette (her mother had had her colours done years ago). The moment I put my client into 'her' colours she sprang to life, and she could see it too - it was dramatic and instantaneous.


You may remember Nicole from one of our earlier makeovers - her hair was naturally dark blonde, she had very fair skin and wore a lot of black. She looked washed out. The moment we changed her hair colour, her gorgeous eyes just popped and so did she.


Gorgeous Me Makeover Nov 3 - Nicole 4


Nicole before and after her Gorgeous Me makeover


When I take women for a styling-shopping session, we try on all sorts of colours. Having a trained eye, I can generally tell what will suit a woman the moment I see her, but a valuable part of the styling lesson is getting women to see it for themselves, to see what a massive difference the right AND wrong colours can do for them.


I’ve had a couple of clients recently that avoid wearing blue, in fact, one had an aversion to it. I got them to try on cobalt blue, that gorgeous electric blue. Wow, wow, wow. They couldn’t believe how amazing they looked in it - young and vibrant.



 Pink Heart Flipped


Working out your colours


Colour is RIGHT when


  • Your face lights up, as do your eyes
  • Your face, hair, eyes, skin are enhanced by the colour.
  • Your overall appearance is enhanced, you look fabulous, healthy and glowing
  • When people go wow, and they certainly do.


It’s wrong when


  • You look washed out, tired, even older!  Wrong colours have this annoying habit of showing up all the less than desirable features - dark circles or bags under your eyes, wrinkles, skin blemishes, etc.
  • Shadows appear under your chin and neck
  • Your face changes colour and not in a way that enhances you e.g. it makes you pale, washed out or reddens you
  • The colour overpowers you, you disappear and the colour dominates.


The only way you're going to know is to try - have a play. Look at colours from within your home - your clothes, your childrens clothes, rugs, cushions, drapes or raid your friends wardrobes. For a client recently, we draped a throw over her shoulders to demonstrate its impact :). It’s the colour you’re trying to get a feel for.


When you next go into a clothing store - try on lots of different colours. The moment you hold it up around your neck you will either radiate or look flat and perhaps pale.


Another way is to compare yourself against some of our makeover models - do you have similar colourings to them?



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Here are some guidelines

Check out the different colour profiles here.

It’s important to note that our colour profile can change: over time, as we age, if we change our hair colour and if we colour up over summer.


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Bugger, the wrong colour!

You've fallen in love with a ‘must have’ jacket but it's not your colour. Or you've just had your colours done and your existing wardrobe, colour wise, is all wrong!

Easily sorted, just add accessories and/or tops that are in your colour range. It's the colour up around your face that makes most of the impact.

Sorry if you're now disappointed, thinking you just had to splash out on a whole new wardrobe!


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