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Key Style Trend: Layering

by Lisa Lyford
Key Style Trend: Layering

Layering is one of the key style statements this winter and looks set to stay around for spring & summer too. I hope it does because style wise it’s a great friend to many of us - it adds huge interest to our look, hides our lumps & bumps, can make us look taller, not to mention keep us warm.


I recently re-styled a client's wardrobe giving her lots of new looks with her existing clothes - layering was an essential part of this. She was used to wearing her clothing and accessories a certain way; it never crossed her mind to mix them up the way we did. She's thrilled.


key style layering options 

Short jacket/blazer with tunic top/s

This has been a very popular look this winter. By wearing a shorter jacket that ends at say the waist, with a long top underneath, the jacket is creating the visual appearance of a waist.  This is fabulous for all our shapes.

The other great thing about this look is that it beautifully disguises our less than toned bodies. 


Gorgeous Me Layers 7Kathi wears clothes and accessories from: Jacqui E, Max, Mi Piaci, EziBuy, Just Jeans and The Warehouse. Kathi's full makeover.

Shirt & jersey/top

Wear a collared & cuffed shirt underneath a jersey or long-sleeved top with the collar, folded back cuffs and hem all visible.


Gorgeous Me Layer 4Left, clockwise:,,

Multiple layers

Wear two or more tops at different lengths as well as a shorter jacket or vest.

Hemlines don’t have to complement one another - one hem could be straight, another assymmetric. Mix ‘em up.


Mix up patterns, colours & textures
Gorgeous Me Layer 2


Same colour, different textures

A great layering effect is to have the same colour but use different textures to create interest. For example, black but using gloss black, matt black, textured black, etc. Not that for one moment I am suggesting just black - we should all be trying to branch out :)


Gorgeous Me Layer

Add a scarf and/or jewellery to your layered look

A great look is to wear a necklace/s with a scarf.


Gorgeous Me Layer


Layer up your jewellery 

Multiple rings on multiple fingers. Not just reserved for one ring per finger either. The more the merrier. Feel free to mix the styles up too.
Same with necklaces and wristwear - go mad, layer them up.


Gorgeous Me Layers 1

Left to right:,, 





In layering up, be very careful not to add unncessary volume to your look, making you look a lot bigger than you really are. Also if, for example, you have wide hips, avoid layers ending at this visual line - keep the layering above or below.




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