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Keep your Receipts

by Lisa Lyford
Keep your Receipts

In an earlier blog, we talked about consumer rights and the ability to return unwanted or damaged goods. Our key advice was to hold on to your sales receipts.


Well there’s another reason to hold on to your receipts. A friend’s house was recently burgled. Amongst a whole lot of other things, the thief stole some of her husband’s clothes, not hers, his! They helped themselves to his jeans collection, suits and other clothes all neatly stored away.


Fortunately, my friend had kept all the receipts for the clothing purchases and was able to use them in her insurance claim. Brilliant. No questions asked, the proof was right there.




do you have enough insurance?


Which leads me on to another point. Do you actually have the right amount of insurance cover? Don’t worry, I don’t have another job flogging insurance!


Just take a quick look in your wardrobe and think about how much you’ve spent on clothes and shoes and how much it would cost to replace them. You’ll be surprised how quick it adds up. It’s often something we don’t give enough thought to, we don’t place a true value on what it would cost to replace it.


Food for thought.



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