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Just Do It

by Lisa Lyford
Just Do It

Nike came out with this marketing strapline years ago, and it’s still as powerful as ever.


It would do well as a personal mantra for many of us. I've adopted it, and boy what a difference it makes.


I know another woman who did. I caught up with her, not having seen her for about a year, and couldn’t believe how fabulous she looked. She was glowing. I kept commenting on it and she shared her secret - she’d adopted the saying 'Just Do It' as her approach for life. If ever she was asked if she wanted to do this or that, she ‘just did it’, no excuses, no questions asked. It made a world of difference to her participation and outlook on life, and this showed visibly in her healthy and glowing appearance, she was happy.


I was with someone last week and when I tried to make suggestions to them for moving forward, they had a line up of excuses. The excuses were very real but sadly this person was not thinking about ways to put in place some positive change, she preferred to hold on to her excuses. 


'Just do it' and see what a difference it can make. No excuses, leave them behind.






This is me a year ago. I may have contributed to the deafness of my poor pilot because I was screaming so loud, much to the embarrassment of my family and friends on the ground observing. What a buzz.


'Just Do It' and reap the rewards

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