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It cost 20 cents...

by Lisa Lyford
It cost 20 cents...

... per wear that is.


How many times have you had to justify a purchase - either before or after?  I do it all the time, I guess it's a result of my upbringing.  Sometimes an item of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory can appear exorbitant and completely over the top - you simply can't justify it.


But what if the item you're buying is quality and will last you a long time, can be worn with lots of different outfits and you'll get loads of mileage out of it; what if it worked out to be $10, $1, 50c or 20c a wear - does that seem like a good investment to you?  It does to me.


And that's the way I look at things.  Of course you're never going to be able to work out the exact cost per wear in advance, but you can have a guess and enjoy the satisfaction that each time you wear it the cost keeps coming down.


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There a few things you should consider when buying an item of clothing that you want to get a lot of wear out of.


Quality: The quality of the fabric will strongly determine the longevity of wear.


Style: Is it something that is trendy right now, but that you might cringe at in a few years time? Try and buy timeless pieces in classic cuts that won't go out of fashion.  And you can always update the look by adding in-fashion pieces.


Care instructions: Ideally, you'll get more use out of something that you don't have to dryclean every time you wear it. Clothes that can be machine-washed are ideal, as well as those that don't need an iron after every wear. As a tip, you can also place delicate, 'hand wash only' items in a lingerie bag and use the 'delicate' wash cycle.


Occasion: When and where can you realistically wear it? Items that can be dressed up OR down are winners here. It also makes the transition from day to night extremely easy if you have an after work function. Versatility is key!


It was interesting, when we were researching the idea of Gorgeous Me, we asked people how long on average they kept their clothes.  It stunned us that most women were uncomfortable answering this question, too embarrassed to admit that they kept their clothes for years.  Well hello, as long as you still wear these clothes, we think you've done a brilliant job choosing items that have stood the test of time.  That's what we call smart investment shopping.  What would the cost per wear be on these items we wonder?




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