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Is Sugar the New Fat?

by Lisa Lyford
Is Sugar the New Fat?

Many of you are likely to have seen the recent documentary by Nigel Latta - 'Is Sugar the New Fat?'. I was waiting for a time when the whole family could sit down and watch it - no easy task in my household! Suffice to say that after watching it, hubby and I (not the kids - it'll take a lot more convincing unfortunately) are thinking twice about the foods and drinks we buy.


Recommended viewing - "Is Sugar the New Fat?" by Nigel Latta


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Take innocent yoghurt. One brand of sweetened, fruit-flavoured yoghurt contains 9.1g of sugar per 100g serving (13.7g per 150ml pottle of yoghurt - approximately 3.4 teaspoons of sugar!). My 'unsweetened' 98.5% fat-free yoghurt contains 4.9g of sugar per 100g serving!! Processed foods are the culprit.


New Zealander's average 32 teaspoons a day, the World Health Organisation recommends a maximum of 9!


You may also be interested in this article from Julieanne Paleo which provides further detail and commentary on Nigel Latta's programme.


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