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Instant pick me up

by Lisa Lyford
Instant pick me up

When was the last time you received a compliment about the way you look? Or was praised for something you've done? In receiving the compliment or praise, how many of you refuted it or played it down, just simply too embarrassed by it?


            "No, I'm not!"


            "Yeah but I've still got so much to lose."


            "Yeah but ..."


No more buts! Do you appreciate how hard compliments are to come by? They're not dished out freely.  They're hard earned and you deserve them.


Think about how a compliment makes you feel.  It pumps you up and makes you feel great.


            "Your hair looks fantastic, it makes you look so much younger."


            "You look really lovely in that outfit."


            "Wow, that colour does wonders for you."


So, the next time you receive a compliment, accept it with grace, be sure to thank the person, and enjoy every little inch of wonderfulness it gives you.  


What was the last compliment you received?  How did it make you feel?



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