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I’m saving it, for best

by Lisa Lyford
I’m saving it, for best

Are you one of those people who save special, gorgeous things for best, to use at that one special moment in your life? I am. I’ve still got gifts from years gone by (and I’m talking years and years) that I intended to use at just the right time. Candles, soaps, body lotions, perfumes, clothing, jewellery, wine…


You know what, that right time never quite comes along, there may be moments but they never quite seem special enough to open or use that special something. Ain’t it ridiculous!


To all the Lisa Lyford’s out there, use and enjoy things in the moment. Don’t wait for that special time that may never come along.


Live and enjoy things in the moment


There are slight exceptions… a pending event and you have plans to wear that stunning dress or drink those bubbles. The difference being is there is a set date.


Indulge and enjoy in the moment, everytime.






PS I’m going through my scented candles at a fast rate. And loving them.

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