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I lost weight but ate more!!!

by Lisa Lyford
I lost weight but ate more!!!

I recently lost 3kgs in 3 weeks and I seriously ate more! How is that even possible?


First, let me paint the ‘before’ picture for you... Ever since my late teens, I’ve been one of these people that hasn’t enjoyed or doesn’t need breakfast to kickstart my day. Luckily, I don’t need a caffeine fix either! I could also survive on a light lunch - don’t ask me how, I just did! Oh, and I didn’t drink much throughout the day - I don’t like coffee or regular tea and just didn’t think to drink! But then come early evening and dinner and that’s when I was starving and would snack away and eat a big meal, and continue snacking after dinner! I can imagine those in the know rolling their eyes at this point.


Well, I now have a new routine, some of it has been in place for over a year, like drinking lots of water throughout the day, but most of it is a new routine. And that’s when I lost my weight.


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1. I wake up my digestive system. When I rise, I drink warm water with a big squeeze of lemon in it. I do this at least 15 minutes prior to eating.

2. I now eat breakfast - fresh fruit smoothies, eggs or a raw-nut mix with natural yoghurt and honey. It’s important to mix your meals up.

3. I have a small snack mid morning - like a small handful of raw nuts or a piece of fruit.

4. Lunch.

5. Mid afternoon snack, especially helpful because this is the time I usually start to fade.

6. Dinner, not as much as I used to. And no nibbling after dinner.

7. I’ve upped my intake of greens - lucky I love silverbeet and have it growing in abundance in my garden. I loathe broccoli but it’s now an important part of my weekly intake.

8. I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, as well as herbal teas.

9. I’ve significantly reduced my alcohol intake.  

10. I eat more whole, natural foods and far less processed foods. As someone said to me, if you can’t understand what the ingredients are why would you want to consume them!

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Amongst these simple, easy-to-make adjustments I lost 3kgs. Oh, and my system is now like clockwork!!


So why the weight loss when I’m actually eating more? I'm eating and drinking more of what's good for me, and at regular intervals throughout the day, as opposed to overloading at one point in the day.


Not only have I lost weight, I feel energized - previously I was always lethargic and had no energy at all.


As I say, these are very basic adjustments and I’m so glad I put them in place. I feel like a different person.




Thanks to Dr Libby Weaver, Bev Short, my gorgeous sisters and BF++ x



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