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How’s Your Health?

by Lisa Lyford
How’s Your Health?

When you can identify with and tick off a lot of symptoms listed on a Health Checklist, it’s time for change!


Such was my recent experience after reading the introduction of Dr Kathleen Wills’s book, ‘Beat Burnout’ - a holistic guide to happiness and wellbeing.


Gorgeous Me - Dr Kathleen Wills New Book Beat Burnout


I recently met Dr Kathleen Wills at a wellbeing retreat and instantly warmed to her gentle, caring nature but also her vocation - a doctor of Integrative Medicine.


What is Integrative Medicine?


It’s the combination of evidence-based natural medicine with conventional western medicine and a holistic approach to wellness and health - music to my ears. Years ago I went to my GP because I was excessively tired, and emotional, it didn’t take much to set me off. My tests all came back fine, which was a big relief but it still left unanswered questions. My GP’s quick and immediate response was 1) to suggest I was depressed and 2) suggest anti-depressants, saying, “it’s okay, 80% of the population are on them! That was like red-rag to a bull to me! I don’t take prescription medicine that easily. I sought a second opinion and got the same response from another GP. Third time lucky, I found a GP who took a holistic view of my situation - yes I ended up on medication but it was in context with other changes I needed to make to my life - eating well, regular exercise, rest, managing stress and doing things I love. In my opinion, these lifestyle changes were fundamental to my recovery and yet it was something two of the GPs never touched on!


Integrative Medicine factors in the whole person and their wellbeing, using evidence-based natural medicine & conventional western medicine as necessary. I like this. I like this a whole lot. It also draws on centuries of medical practices that still hold true today.


If you’ve been unwell for a lengthy period of time and modern medicines/practices aren’t working, I highly recommend consulting with an Integrative Medical Practitioner.



Can you identify with any of these things?


[   ]  Struggle to get out of bed in the morning

[   ]  Struggle to get to sleep

[   ]  Restless sleep

[   ]  Brain cloud until you've had coffee or energy drinks

[   ]  Weight gain around your middle

[   ]  High cholesterol

[   ]  Low moods or anxious feelings

[   ]  Irritability

[   ]  Excessively dry or oily skin or rashes

[   ]  Increase in allergies

[   ]  Digestion issues (unpredictable bowel movements, wind & bloating)

[   ]  Frequently getting sick (picking up everything going around)

[   ]  Short term memory decline

[   ]  Frequent headaches

[   ]  Muscle aches

[   ]  Dizziness

[   ]  Red or irritated eyes

[   ]  Daytime sleepiness

[   ]  Frequently feeling overwhelmed by your demands.



Even if none of these symptoms ring true for you right now, Dr Wills’ book is still worthwhile reading. It’s full of common sense solutions to modern day problems - overworked, stressed, fatigued, loss of vibrancy, hormonal changes, but also more sinister conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer…


Her book is practical and full of ideas that you can start to work on immediately to turn things around for you. It’s primary focus is on burnout, attributed to by work and other such continual demands and stresses, but it’s content is general and purposeful enough that it’s suited to all and is the perfect guide to your overall wellbeing and happiness. It also includes a section on hormonal changes as experienced in perimenopause (pre menopause), menopause and andropause (male version of menopause). A great book for men and women.



Gorgeous -Me ---Dr -Kathleen -Wills -features -on -Breakfast -TV 


Recent stats show that the number of New Zealander's taking anti-depressants has doubled in the last 6 years, and that now 1 in 10 kiwis are on prescribed anti-depressant medication. Source: via TVNZ

Why are so many kiwis taking anti-depressants? Dr Kathleen Wills being interviewed on the TV1’s breakfast show last month.




You can buy a copy of 'Beat Burnout' by Dr Kathleen Wills here, and by following the instructions to text DRWILLS to 5775 (New Zealand Only), you won't have to pay for postage. The book is $29.95. OR...



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The gorgeous Dr Kathleen Wills has given us a copy of her new book ‘Beat Burnout’ for one of our lucky members. Hands up who’s keen? Simply email us, subject “I’d love to win ‘Beat Burnout’ book by Dr Kathleen Wills”, with your name, address and contact number and you’ll automatically go in the draw to win. Entries close 5 July @ 5pm. See below for terms and conditions.






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