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How to Wear Flats

by Lisa Lyford
How to Wear Flats

We respond to a Member question on how to Wear Flats


"I'd love some style tips on how to work flats into an outfit. I'm a size 12-14 hourglass shape and I always feel my look is unbalanced when I try add flats into the mix but would love some comfy shoe choices, especially now that I'm pregnant again."



Well you're in luck because flat shoes, ankle boots and boots are very much the flavour of the day. Below we show you how it played out with streetwear in the northern hemisphere. Please note, in some of these examples the women are actually wearing a heel but we have included them because the look they are wearing would very much suit a flat shoe/boot.


It's very popular to wear socks with flats or ankle boots. 



Gorgeous Me Flats With Socks


Max has some gorgeous glittery ones that work really well for this. Max Glitter Socks, 2-pair pack $29


Gorgeous Me Max 108848_metallic _1 Of 2_$29


These looks are just to give you a feel for what is possible, and of course you will create your own look for your pregnancy.


There are an abundance of flats in stores now.


It also seems that your prime reason for wear flats is comfort. Wearing even the smallest of heel, e.g. 1 inch, can help with a slimming, elevated look and still offer comfort.

All images are courtesy of Pinterest, unless otherwise stated.


Gorgeous Me - Street Wear Flats



Gorgeous Me Flats 1


Bottom left:  

Witchery Leather Sleeve Knit Dress - $259.90


Gorgeous Me Flats 2


Bottom left:

Taylor Reflect Jacket - Fine Tweed $579



Gorgeous Me Flats



Gorgeous Me Street Wear Flats



We hope this helps :)




Main image courtesy of Pinterest 

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