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How to Wear Ankle Boots

by Lisa Lyford
How to Wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have been around for a couple of seasons now and they’re here stay for some time longer. There are a number of ways to wear them.


With Pants.

We'll start with the obvious.


Your trouser may scrunch at the bottom and that’s fine, it’s a good look, as long as there’s not too much scrunch and bulk.


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #4


Alternatively, a rolled cuff is the way to go but the trouser leg needs to be narrow for this to work and make sure the cuff is narrow too to pull the look off. Show off some leg or sock.


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #6


Ankle grazers (pants that sit at the ankle) are also popular and these work well with ankle boots. The key here is to show off a bit of leg, or sock.


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #11


Tucked in. You'll need a narrow leg trouser for this.


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #5



With dresses.


Anything goes really - short dress, long dress, bare legs or tights, heel or flat.


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #10

Left: Max Fashions Cocoon Dress $119.99 worn with Chelsea Boot $179.99, also from Max.




As with dresses, anything goes here too. Fuller and longer skirts are making their way in this season, as are wide cropped pants (dare we say cullottes).


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #7


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #8


Gorgeous Me - Ankle Boots #9

Bottom right: Decjuba's got us covered with their Mars Print Top AUD $69.95 (available April), Carrie Wide Leg Pant AUD $99.95, NZD $120 (currently on sale), Jasper Cut Out Heel AUD $129.95, NZD $170 (not an ankle boot but the high cut shoe gives the same effect).






Ankle boots can visually cut your leg short!  If you're short in stature, you want to lengthen the visual appearance of your leg line as much as possible, you're better off with a low cut shoe. It's not so bad if you're wearing similar coloured boots to tights, there's not the obvious contrast to break the look.






Cover image: from pinterest via All other images, unless otherwise stated, are courtesy of Pinterest's contributors.

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