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How to Wear a Beanie

by Lisa Lyford
How to Wear a Beanie

Beanies have been around for a while now as a key fashion accessory and are still very much in favour. Here we show you how to wear the beanie for that cool fashion look.


Opt for a bigger beanie; sometimes it’s as easy as unfolding the band if the beanie has one. Position the beanie so it sits at your forehead, not too far forward, and then on a downward angle, have it slouched at the back. You’re after the fuss-free, effortless look.



How to wear it with your hair


  • Frame it with your fringe - if you have a fringe, wear the beanie slightly further back to show off your gorgeous hair.

  • With a braid - braids are big time at the moment, if only I had long enough hair! Position the braid or ponytail at the side as shown here.


Gorgeous Me Beanie With Braid


  • Loose locks - ruffle up your hair some and plonk the beanie on, as suggested above.


Gorgeous Me Beanie Options 1 


Gorgeous Me Beanie Options 5



Gorgeous Me Beanie


  • Tuck it up leaving some strands out to soften the look. This is the same if you've got short hair, be sure to leave some hair showing, ideally at the front and side/s.


  • Opt for colour, texture, pattern or the pom pom... 


Gorgeous Me Beanie Options 2


and if you're simply having one of those days...


Gorgeous Me Beanie Options 6




Cover image: All other images courtesy of Pinterest.

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