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How to retain that gorgeous smile

by Lisa Lyford
How to retain that gorgeous smile

Be careful of receding gums.  Receding gums!  Not something you’d expect to see with personal styling, or is it?  It is if it impacts your gorgeous smile.


There are two reasons for receding gums: 

1) gum disease; and/or

2) trauma to the gums from brushing.


Gums don’t naturally regenerate, though I’m told you can have gum grafts - ouch!


It’s important to protect your gums as much as possible. 


1.  Gentle and thorough brushing. 


  • Make sure you use a ‘soft’ bristle brush
  • A dentist recently recommended using an electric toothbrush. I’ve always thought of electric toothbrushes as unnecessary and expensive. 


I’m now totally converted and wouldn’t go back to using a regular brush.  The electric toothbrush does all the work with a soft, circular motion, all you do is guide it around your mouth.  You’re left with thoroughly clean teeth, the same feeling you get after visiting a dentist.




Electric toothbrushes can take a little getting used to. At first it felt like I had a jackhammer in my mouth, and it does take a little longer, but it’s worth it.


There are a few different types: battery vs rechargeable, and ones with timers. The timer is great as the brush vibrates after two minutes, the recommended brushing time. You can even buy electric toothbrushes from the supermarket.


2.   Visit your dentist/dental hygienist regularly for checkups.



Take care of your gums before it’s too late.




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