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How to get dazzling eyebrows

by Lisa Lyford
How to get dazzling eyebrows

Eyebrows are a key facial feature, they help to shape and frame your face.  So why is it that they’re often overlooked in one’s beauty regime?


I recently had my hair restyled and now have a defined fringe.  This exposed my eyebrows and the need to do something with them!  Whilst I always kept them trimmed, they needed reshaping and more definition with colour.


Well-shaped, groomed and tinted eyebrows help to complete a great look. We show you how in 4 simple steps.




1.  What eyebrow shape is right for me?


The shape of your eyebrow can change your appearance quite dramatically. By finding the right shape for your face, you can accentuate your eyes and even take on a much younger appearance – who needs botox!



Face Shapes


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Thanks to Tracy Do, Permanent




2.  Proportions and alignment


You want the inner part of your brow, by your nose, to be thicker and then to taper out at the end.  The arch of the brow should sit just outside the pupil of your eye as seen here:





3.  Trimming


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There are a number of ways to trim your eyebrows:


  • Plucking with tweezers - do-it-yourself
  • Threading or waxing - whilst you can do these yourself, there is a real technique to it and you’re probably best to leave it to a professional.



Once you’ve determined the shape you want, start at the beginning of each brow, by your nose (underneath) and work outwards.   You can see in the example below, they have marked the three key points - start, arch and end - with foundation.





Be careful not to pluck above the natural brow line, only the odd stray hair.


Optional:  apply aloe vera gel under the brows to reduce swelling and redness, not that either lasts long.  The gel can also be applied to your brows after you’ve trimmed them to keep them in place, great if they’ve got a mind of their own!


Once you’ve completed plucking, check for any wayward hairs.  Take a clean mascara brush (good to keep old ones) and brush upwards.  My eyebrow pencil has a brush at the end of it.  With a small pair of scissors (with rounded ends) carefully clip the hairs.






4.  Accentuating Your Brows


Colouring your brows accentuates them and helps to complete your look.  It’s particularly beneficial if you have fair-coloured or thin eyebrows. 




To add colour to your brows, use an eyebrow pencil, brow powder or eyeshadow. A powder will give you a more natural look and is also easier to control and apply. A brush with a sharp edge is good for applying powder.





Avoid black even if you have black hair, it will look too harsh.


Start from the nose end and work outwards. Be careful as you near the tapered end and make sure you go lighter as to give it a more natural look. Brush brows to blend the colour.  


Apply concealer under your brow to highlight and make your brows look more defined.


You can get your eyebrows professionally tinted, the same with eyelashes.  This lasts for about 3-4 weeks.




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Do you include your eyebrows in your makeup regime? If you get them tinted, then that counts as a yes. Remember, responses to our Quick Polls are completely anonymous.




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