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How to Choose the Right Lippy

by Lisa Lyford
How to Choose the Right Lippy

We respond to an enquiry from a member wanting some guidance on choosing a lippy, she never knows what colour to choose so she sticks with lipgloss.



Let’s take a look at the options


Natural Look & Beginners


If you’re not used to wearing lipstick or you’re after a more natural look, then you can’t look past tinted lipglosses (used for their shine) and lip balms (used for their lip conditioning - waxy based). Not only do they look great, but they help keep your lips in good condition, they prevent them from drying out.  The tint is only a hint of colour, so the colour you see in the lipstick tube will actually be different once applied.


Non-tinted lipgloss and lip-balms enhance the natural pinky pigment in your lips. I often wear a lip-balm during the weekends, and I always have one in my handbag and at my work desk. I re-apply it liberally at regular times during the day.


Strong colour, long-lasting look

Opt for matte. Matte lipsticks are opaque (non-transparent) and so the colour within the lipstick barrel is the same on your lips. The waxy, slightly dry texture of matte lipsticks is what makes them stay on your lips longer. Some people add a lip-balm or lipgloss over top to prevent their lips drying out. Be sure to wear lip-balm when you’re not wearing lipstick to ensure your lips stay in good condition. You could also consider wearing lip-balm underneath your matte lipstick, it just may impact on the length of wear.


Dry, wrinkled or mature lips


Moisturising and Shiny lipsticks are made of the same moisturising ingredients including aloe, glycerin and Vitamin E. They’re great for dry, wrinkled or mature lips.


The only downside is that the slippery, moist nature of the lipstick means it doesn’t stay on the lips long - wears off on a coffee cup, drinking glass or when you eat. You need to re-apply these lipsticks regularly throughout the day. Wearing a lip-primer, or a coloured lip-liner as a complete base will prolong the lipstick wear.


Cream based lipsticks are in between matte and moisturising & shiny lipsticks. Cream lipsticks are considered ‘normal’ lipstick - good colour, medium moisturising, medium wear.


Some people wear a long-lasting lipstick underneath a moisturising or shiny one, so they’re not constantly having to touch up.


Fuller looking lips


The shinier the lipstick, the fuller the lips look, great for more mature lips that lose volume with age.






There are two things to consider here:


  1. What colours will suit you
  2. The look you’re after


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What Colours Will Suit You?


Based on our colour system, if you’re a:


  • Light - opt for light, pale shades of lipstick - cream, light gold, peach, neutral/natural shades
  • Deep - go for deep colours - plum, reds, purples, etc
  • Cool - think about blue-based colours, they have a blue, cool undertone - blues, purples, pinks and reds
  • Warm - think about warm, yellowy, golden undertones - yellows, golds, browns, terracottas, cream and salmon
  • Muted - think soft, muted, subtle colours.
  • Clear - go for contrast - bright, bold, clear, crisp colours - yellow, orange, pinks, purples.


The Look You’re After


Do you want your lipstick to be bold and make a style statement or a natural look, or somewhere in between. Refer above for lipstick options.


I know women that use lipstick as part of their style signature, they will always wear the same style and colour of lipstick.  Our very fabulous Lorde is one such example, wearing rich, dark, dramatic colours. MAC Cosmetics has a limited edition Lorde lippy!  


Do you want the lippy to complement or enhance the outfit you’re wearing? Or would you prefer something more subdued?


Do you like to change your lipstick colours depending on what you’re wearing or your mood, or generally stick with the same one or same colour palette?







  • Eyes or Lips?  In terms of making a statement, focus on either the eyes or lips, not both. Choose your best feature to highlight.

  • Light colours can enlarge your features. Great if you wish to make your lips and/or eyes appear bigger.

  • Use a lip pencil to help define your lips, especially when wearing light coloured lipsticks. The lip pencil colour should only be one-two shades deeper than your lipstick colour.

  • Combine lipstick types to achieve a balanced effect - conditioning and colour intensity - a matte with a gloss or cream lipstick over top. 

  • Haven’t got the right colour or shade to go with your outfit? Mix lipstick colours up. Apply one colour and then another.

  • Longer lasting lipstick - pat dry lipstick with a tissue in between each layer.

  • “During daytime, dab lipstick onto the centre of the lips either directly from the bullet or using your fingertips. Blend the colour outwards before pressing your lips together for the perfect stain of colour.” Julia O’Neil, NZ Maybelline New York Makeup Artist.

  • You may also be interested in our previous blog - How to Achieve Fabulous Looking Lips, including the professional look.




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