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Hot Picks for the Week

by Lisa Lyford
Hot Picks for the Week

This job is tough - sooooo much temptation!! This week the following caught my eye, and a few might catch my credit card!! 



Gorgeous -Me -110489_Wrap -Clasp -Dress _$149 

Max Wrap Clasp Dress $149



Gorgeous -Me -111586_Sparkle -Buckle -Dress _$149


Max Sparkle Buckle Dress $149

Glittery and yummy. Great for the office but also for an evening out, including a cocktail function.



What I'm finding ridiculously tempting


Gorgeous -Me -110655_Spliced -Jumpsuit _$159 


Max Spliced Jumpsuit $159

This looks fab with the cuffs rolled up and with ankle boots. This is a great piece for dressing up or down. Very very very tempted.



 Gorgeous Me Garage -Tee -$12

The Warehouse Garage Printed Crew Neck Tee $12

Great teamed up with a blazer, denim jacket or chunky knit cardi and jeans or slim-line trousers and boots. What’s to think about, it's $12!





Oh, they're all black... I hadn't realised ;)


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