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Give Your Hair Stylist a Shake Up, or the Sack

by Lisa Lyford
Give Your Hair Stylist a Shake Up, or the Sack

I’ve been speaking to a number of women of late who have expressed concern that their hair stylist ignores what they say! These women have been after change but their hair stylist has talked them out of it. In all cases, the women would’ve responded well to a different style/colour. One woman moved on to another salon and got what she wanted and her new style looks fab, the others are contemplating a move.


As we age, change our style and attitudes or simply seek a fresh look, there’s nothing better than a fab new hairstyle. Go to your hair stylist with an open brief, tell them you want change and ask for their recommendations.


I recently worked with a client that is in the throes of changing her whole style, she’s going from quite a conservative, practical look to bold, individual and funky! I recommended that her hair is one of the first things she needs to change. It will be radically different for her but she’s ready for it.


Sometimes, all our hair stylist needs is a little encouragement and they’ll grab the opportunity. This is what they love, helping to enhance the overall appearance of someone. If, however, you’ve got a stylist that's resistant to change, you might be best moving on.


I know it’s really hard to move from a hair stylist if you’re generally happy with what they do, you don’t want to risk mucking things up, getting an awful haircut and then having to crawl back! Do your homework, ask around. Check with other women which hair salon/stylist they go to.


Change is wonderful. As we've seen from our makeovers over the past year, a great hair style can completely transform you. Go for it.

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