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Fight the Bullies

by Lisa Lyford
Fight the Bullies

I’ve just had an email from a 21 year old. She has been “overweight” [her term] since a young age but always thought of herself as beautiful, until she started being teased for being “fat”. This hurt, as you can imagine, and at the age of 15 forced her to change her style to that of a tomboy; looser clothes could hide her figure.


This young 21 old is beautiful; she sent me a photo of herself.  She wants to change, she wants to claim back her femininity but she is constantly concerned about what others will think of her.


I know only too well that school can be a harsh and cruel environment but how dare other small-minded, mean people do that to another person. For those that bullied her, it was 5 minutes of sick, demeaning fun; for this young woman it’s been years of heartache and low self-esteem. I despise these people. They’re often people who have their own insecurities but mask them and feel better about themselves for lashing out at others.


My message to this young, gorgeous woman, and to all women, is please be strong. Tune out to those hurtful remarks made by shallow, callous and spiteful people. Fight back (not literally), do not cave in - hold your head high and be confident and proud of yourself. Don’t let them erode how you feel about yourself.  I know it is far easier said than done, especially when you are young and still finding yourself. Tell yourself that they’re small-minded people that will get nowhere in life with their attitude. But you will.



Be a survivor, not a victim. 

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