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Feel Good Factor

by Lisa Lyford
Feel Good Factor

Here's an idea to make you feel fab.


The next time you walk down the street, smile at the people walking in the opposite direction.  Most will smile back.  Admittedly some will stare at you like you're a complete fruit loop but who cares, your smile will work its magic on most.  


Fact: Did you know there is scientific evidence that the more you smile, the more attractive people perceive you to be? A smile is infectious, happiness breeds happiness.


Be So Happy...


I was out walking with my son and I smiled and said hello to an elderly woman waiting at the bus stop.  She said hello and smiled back.  My son said "it's nice to smile and say hello to people isn't it Mum, it makes them happy."  It does indeed and chances are it will make you happier too.



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